3D PhotoMontage

3D PhotoMontages are a necessity for marketing residential and commercial property developments and for DA and council submissions and approvals.

A 3D PhotoMontage combines photographs of a proposed development site with 3D Rendering to create a photo realistic Artist Impression. We use advanced programs and the latest technology to create realistic images that showcase the house or development in an accurate and real-life environment.

What we require to produce a 3D Photo Montage.

- Plans and elevations of the project in pdf format along with the CAD file or .dwg file from your designer or architect.

- High Resolution good quality photo's of the porposed building site, minimun photo size of 4000x3000 pixels. These can be either taken by you or a professional photographer.

Depending on the perspective you are wanting to achieve like an elevated birds eye view, you may require Drone photography to achieve this. Drone Photography can also be used to capture certain selling features like views.

- Site Photo's to be taken from the position and direction you wish the 3D rendered building or house to be viewed from. We then model and render the building in 3D and insert into the photo provided to create the 3D PhotoMontage.

Below are some examples of 3D Photomontages we have completed

3D Photomontage for a custom design, Riverleigh Drive Hope Island. The 3D rendering and 3D model has been inserted into the actual street front photo creating a 3D Photo Montage.

3D Photo Montage for a proposed multi unit development in Labrador QLD. Image used for council submission and marketing purposes.

3D PhotoMontage of a proposed Go Cart track in Shanghi China - Image used for marketing purposes. The city scape backdrop photo was obtained from Stock Photography and the proposed Go Cart track and forground building is teh 3D Rendering created around the stock Photo.

3D PhotoMontage for a proposed Hotel Complex in Cayman Islands - End use of the image was for council submission and marketing purposes. The Centre building is the 3D Rendering, the 2 side buildings and the foreground were part of the original site photo supplied by the client.

3D PhotoMontage for a development project in Applecross WA. Image was initally used for DA approval through council. Once approved the image was then used for marketing.

3D PhotoMontage for The Boat Works Boat Marina, Coomera Gold Coast QLD - Image used for marketing purposes to showcase the new development. A Drone photo was taken of the existing site and the rendered 3D model inserted into the photo.

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3D PhotoMontage for a new build in Tweed Heads NSW. Image used for design and DA purposes.