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3D Interactive House Modelling allows the user to fully interact with the entire house model external and internal, panning around the entire design, zooming in and out, viewing the 3D floor plan, cross sections and the ability to walk through the design.

This service is perfect for

Home Building Company's to showcase their home range and allow their clients to fully understand the design.

The service is invaluable for custom and complex designs.

Architects to help present their custom design concepts to their clients.

Developers to present to their investors, council, their design team, clients, so everyone involved fully understands the development and design.

Private Home Building Clients to help them fully understand their design prior to having their final plans produced and construction commencing.

The 3D Interactive Model can be viewed on an Apple iphone & ipad and Android devices by download a Free app and importing the design file link that we will supply.

The 3D interactive Model can also be imbedded into your website by placing the html code that we would supply you for the model.

Please have a play around with the below example model and the different features the app has to offer.

Click Load Model below

(it can take up to around 1 min to initially load)

Smart Phone and ipad users need to download the App first before clicking on Load Model

Search for Chief Architect Viewer in the App store

Once the model has loaded please click on Rendering Techniques and choose Standard so that all the textures and detail are displayed.

Click on the links below to view additional models

McCabe - 132 Ashton St Margaret River

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